Saturday, May 19, 2007

Let's Get Ready To Rumble

In most cases, once the thrill is gone, we teach ourselves to do just that!....Let's get ready to rumble.. .Confrontation usually is the choice married couples take when different views of opinions come to the surface., and it's always the easiest way out.

However, God's way of facing a problem when there are different perspectives is simply looking at the Big Picture...not what's good for me, but what's good for us!

There once was a bond woman in the Bible who was not able to take care of her child., so a free woman cared for the child. When it was time for the mother to claim her child, the free woman told the King that it was her child. The King simply used the principle of the heart and told both women this: because you both have claimed the child, I will be fare to you both and cut the child in half. Immediately, the bond woman says, never mind, it's her child. The King then knew that it was really the bond woman's child, thus settling the dispute.

How is this relevant: The King new that real love would protect it's child. REAL LOVE conquers any situation, because it is the foundation of your marriage.

Thus the scripture: 1Corinthians 13:4-8. CHARITY (Love) Is there really LOVE in your marriage?, or shall we "get ready to rumble".

Marriage is Honorable

Marriage is Honorable
be not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is. . .Ephesians 5:17