Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Mighty Counselor

Marriage sometimes is very much like traveling. It's always important to know where you are at in order to know where you are trying to get to. This of course requires some kind of direction or specificly a map.

Although pride occasionally gets in the way of our admitting that counseling may be necessary at certain stages of our relationships. So what better way is there than to ensure that you are following the right path, is to get your directions from God.
Proverbs 37:26 says that : the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. . . typically we say : "I don't need anyone to tell me how to live my life or to conduct my marital affairs." and justifiably so, we follow our own paths until we are faced with a problem. Well consider this; if you needed milk, why would you go to an automotive store to buy it? Kind of crazy isn't it?.....unfortunately, we tend to function in that same light, by that I mean we look to all the wrong sources to solve our dilemmas.; rather than going to the Main Source. That source my friend is God's Holy Word, believe it or not.

Our heavenly Father knows what we have need of; says Matthew 6:32 which includes: troubles, tribulations, habits, hangups, and every other obstacle that would interrupt the growth of your marriage.

When you are looking in all the wrong places for answers, friends, co-workers, physics, yes and even family members, we actually cheat our selves and our marriages from receiving the necessary help we need..
Look into the "perfect law of liberty" for your help and guidance, through Christ, The Mighty Counselor! ,. . . also. . .King of Kings , Lord of Lords , Alpha and Omega, Prince of Peace, Wonderful Counselor, The Mighty God, The I am that I am, Our Rock, Our Salvation, Our Healer, Our Provider, Our Saviour.!. . . . .good place to look, don't you think:
May God richly Bless you today!

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Marriage is Honorable

Marriage is Honorable
be not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is. . .Ephesians 5:17